Thank you Anna for all that you do! There needs to be more organizations out there like yours. If so, this world would be a much better place.

Chris Lupis

Persistence is key!

I love this organization. When your child is in need the way mine has been, there is always someone to listen to you, to help guide you to the right resources, and be a beacon of hope for you and your family.

L. Godsill

A job well done!

Mind Body and Soul Solutions is a wonderful non profit . They really take the time to listen to all your needs. Mind Body and Soul Solutions knows how to find everything you need in order for you to live as healthy and independent as possible.


Awesome organization

This non profit organization is really amazing and they help alot of people.

Cynthia Rubner

SCI, OT, Friend of MBSS

Anna works tirelessly to serve the community! If there is something you need, you can count on MBSS to either help or connect you to resources that can!



I’m happy there something out there people with disability can go and have a outlet

Katie Rommel


I reach out to mind body and soul solutions and about needing a pair of shoes for my daughters afo and they were so helpful and nice and asked if there was anything else we needed it was very professional.

Laura Whitten

Spinal Cord Injury

Great group that offers support to those with disabilities.



Loving, thoughtful, and inspiring group of people. Can’t wait to see this grow!!



Truly a remarkable group of people with a honorable mission.



Excellent support group


Anna is the best!

Anna is one of the most kind & caring women out there. It means so much to see her fulfilling her dream of teaching and helping others who suffer from ALL sorts of aliments.