Nicole Graves

Hey! I’m Nicole Graves ! So, here is my story . I had a host of medical problems and complications over most of my life. Nothing any physician seemed inclined to research the actual cause of. Then, in 2011, I had my first of two strokes. I lost my left side, had to undergo significant therapy to regain some use of. Then, in 2013, I had another stroke, this one dissolved by TPA in an Emergency Room.

After that stroke, a hematologist diagnosed me with a blood clotting disorder called Anti Phospholipid Antibody Syndrome, an acquired autoimmune disorder. 

I’m a Registered Nurse, and have return to full time employment. I fatigue easily, still have a limp, and just recovered from breaking my leg twice! I would like to improve the dexterity on my stroke affected side. 

Nicole Graves herself.