Lyn Ludtke

Dyslexic With A Twist

So, I met this lady named Anna Adams who reached out to me asking if I would tell our daughter’s story. Sure, after all how hard can that be? Insert laugh. I cannot tell you how many times I have started and restarted this. I mean I totally lost count.

I am not one to publicize our personal struggles, so I was finding this difficult to begin. I did the high school story outline thing, and it just was not me. It was clinical at best. Then I thought, “I am looking at this all wrong. I am not airing problems, I am sharing information.” Even if only one person reads this and gets anything useful out of it, I have helped one person.

Our issues are nothing spectacular. Our daughter Liv is a severe dyslexic with a twist. The twist being absence seizures that she may or may not outgrow. We really don’t know. We choose to believe she will outgrow them; and, until proven otherwise, that is how we roll.

Liv was diagnosed with the absence seizures around the age of four. We went the conventional route. We saw  lots of doctors, has a lot of tests done and of course medication. Which at first, we thought this is what needs to be done.  That was until  the meds started giving Liv even more seizure activity and was having awful side effects.

We had no choice but to wean her off, and I began researching and looking for other options. Enter med #2 which totally lacked any research on its effects on her growing body, and lawsuits were going on because it was causing birth defects. We said, “No thanks.” We could not in good conscience give that to Liv.

As it turns out, my research lead to a list of supplements that were said to help mitigate the seizures. Armed with my list of supplements, off to a new doctor we went. As it turned out, she was totally on board with going the supplement route. We began a supplement routine and were successful in reducing her seizures to less than half what she was having. We called this a win.

Then there was school. Where we learned our girl is a severe dyslexic. Where we learned she has triggers that bring on her spells. That is how we’ve come to refer to her absence seizures. Through watching and noting, we found being tired, hungry or stressed brings them on.

My job at the time was taking insurance claims. A gal I worked with knew the issues we were having and suggested Young Living essential oils. While I appreciate that modern medicine has its place, I also will go natural as much as possible. I put on my research mom hat and started looking into essential oils, how they can help? what oil companies are out there? and what do they have to offer? 

I made my list and started looking into each company on that list. I kept going back to Young Living. They have a Seed to Seal guarantee that I just could not find in any of the other companies that had my interest. The kicker for me was the fact that I could actually go and visit the farms and literally see everything. OK, I’m in. Sign me up!

Thant was a total game changer for our girl. We started diffusing Lavender for a more restful sleep and Stress Away at homework time to promote a calming atmosphere. I also started switching out the toxic chemicals in our house. Yeah, Google that. I am totally blown away by what is allowed in our products and on our food! 

It is no wonder there is such an uptick in diseases, so sad. But, thankfully  we can be the stewards of our own homes. It was a total game changer for me as well. I found these oils to be fascinating in how they function and what they are capable of. I no longer take insurance claims. 

I now spend my time educating others as a Young Living Independent Distributor. I am able to work from home. I am able to be there when our daughter needs me and help support our family. Our girl Liv is 11 years old now and still has her spells; though they are greatly reduced. 

We are two years into our oily journey and have a routine that is working for us. We do a shot of Ningxia Red each morning. It’s a super fruit infused with essential oils that helps prevent oxidative stress, supports eye health and provides energy throughout the day. She has an inhaler we call “Chill Out” that she keeps in her back pack to use at school if needed. Her Brainpower roller is used each morning before school and again after lunch to promote a sense of clarity and focus. 

To make sure she is getting the restful sleep she needs, She uses either Dream Catcher or Peace and Calming at night. We are still rolling with the “she will outgrow them.”For more information on Dyslexia and assistive technology, I found to be a wealth of great information. For more information on Young Living essential oils, please visit my website at or find me on Facebook by searching for Lyn Ludtke. 

Living with disabilities,