Jennifer Kumiyama

Ms Wheelchair California

Jennifer Kumiyama was born with Arthrogryposis and has limited range of motion in all four of her limbs. Jennifer feels lucky to have been born and raised in California as she thinks it’s a somewhat advanced state when it comes to disability rights and access. She actually competed for Ms. Wheelchair in 2009 and earned runner up before being crowned Ms. Wheelchair California in 2010. Jennifer loved every minute of it!

What all does it take to compete for Ms. Wheelchair California? You must be 21 years of age before the first day of competition. There is no age cap. You must be or have been a resident of California for atleast 1 full year prior to competition. You must use a wheelchair 100% for your daily public mobility needs.  

The foundation looks for someone who possesses stellar public speaking skills. They want a true advocate for the disability community with a resume that shows involvement in the community. They are looking for someone with confidence and passion to fulfill the mission of The Ms. Wheelchair California Foundation. Upon receipt of your application, all contestants may receive up to one 45 minute coaching session with the State Coordinator.

Jennifer was was the State Coordinator from 2012-2017. The organization is like a sisterhood of support and she will always cherish that. Jennifer’s advice to a woman or girl who wants to be Ms Wheelchair is, “Don’t be afraid to share your story. We are each unique and can use our trials and tribulations to help others.” “Just because you live a life with limits does not mean you have to live a life with limitations.” 

Life with disability.