James Sparhawk

On September 10, 2012 James Sparhawk had a complete freak accident. He was too close to the edge on a roof of a 2 story house porch he was working on and fell. Due to his injuries, James became a complete T-10 paraplegic. 

For a whole year, James stayed depressed. He decided to snap out of it and put himself through school . I’m 2013-2014, James enrolled in Sampson Community College. James began school studying to be a math teacher. Now he had changed his major to be Business Administration. James will graduate in May!

Becoming a paraplegic has not stopped James. James still has issues with his bathroom difficulties but he still likes to work on things outside. James also likes to go fishing and hunting . 

He told us that he is and will always be in recovery. James will always be learning something new in life. He urges others in his shoes to keep trying, keep learning and keep going! James says “It’s best to adapt to the best of your ability. And always remember someone else out there is struggling worse than we are“.